Wausau’s Entry Point Thrives with Panera, Kwik Trip, Cherry Berry & Abby Bank

Posted On September 17, 2012 By Ghidorzi Companies
Wausau’s Entry Point Thrives with Panera, Kwik Trip, Cherry Berry & Abby Bank

Wausau’s Entry Point Thrives with Panera, Kwik Trip, Cherry Berry & Abby Bank

Energy, commerce and excitement continue to build for Wausau, a testament to the recent investment of $300M in highway infrastructure that makes our community more accessible than ever.  Panera Bread, Kwik Trip, Cherry Berry Self-Serve Yogurt and Abby Bank are the latest businesses set to open their doors at the intersection of WI-39/US-51 and WI-52, following the Walgreens grand opening less than a year ago.

The US 51/WI-52 corridor is Wausau’s gateway.  The immediate area surrounding the highway intersection is home to the regional medical complex, a number of the area’s largest employers and five national hotel chains – a business mix needed to fuel and sustain commerce.

The corridor area is thriving due to easy-on/easy-off highway access, and because it is a subset of a large and vibrant community.  Wausau is a business, medical, retail and restaurant hub that serves both the metro area and an 80-mile radius of rural communities.

A  diverse demographic of traffic flows through Wausau because it is at the heart of Wisconsin where north/southbound traffic from WI-39/US-51 meets the east/westbound flow of WI-29 – the state’s only centrally located intersection of main highway arteries.  It is the only destination in the state where this unique dynamic of traffic intertwines:

  • Eastbound travelers from the Twin Cities
  • Westbound travelers from the Fox River Valley
  • Northbound travelers from suburban Madison, Milwaukee and Chicago en route to Northwoods vacation and recreation
  • Southbound travelers from Wisconsin’s most northern communities

The Wausau area continues to prosper with new business and the improved aesthetic that well-designed, well-constructed buildings bring.  We look forward to the future developments that Wausau’s positive energy is sure to attract.
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